Supermarket Tours

Are you overwhelmed by the tens of thousands of choices in the supermarket? What products should you buy to help meet your nutrition and fitness goals? What do you look for on the food labels? Bring your shopping list along, and Elise will meet you at the supermarket and answer all your food shopping questions. She will offer alternatives and recommendations based on your food preferences and needs. She will also offer coupons when available!

Pantry Makeovers

Do your kitchen cabinets need a healthy makeover? Food choices generally begin in the kitchen, so without the proper choices available to you, it is easier to make the wrong choices at times! Don’t rely on your memory to tell Elise what’s in your pantry, because she will come to you! Receive evaluations of the foods you have, as well as recommendations for healthier alternatives. You’ll also learn what foods no healthy pantry should ever be without!