I owe Elise my life. (The Healthy one).

“My life was not doing well when I came to see Elise. I had many medical conditions going on at the same time. Elise is the most professional and knowledgeable nutritionist there is. I cannot thank her enough for saving my life. After sitting with her and going over all of my medical problems, she came up with a game plan and diet that have turned my life around. After just 2 months, for the first time in 4 years, I am totally pain free. My triglyceride and cholesterol levels have dropped dramatically, and my Diabetes has been reduced to Pre-Diabetes status. I plan on continuing in this direction to become Diabetes-free. My doctors are amazed at the drastic change in my health, without taking drugs. She is the best and I recommend her to many people. I can not thank her enough. I owe Elise my life. (the healthy one.) -Arnie I.

Set up a session with Elise, you will not be sorry

"After many years of dieting and working out I still was unable to sustain any real weight loss.  I thought I was eating healthy and continued with an exercise program but nothing changed.  My health began to suffer and I was now taking (2) pills a day to help combat my high blood pressure and cholesterol.  My doctors told me that only real weight loss would help.  At my wits end I thought about seeing a Nutritionist something I had never considered.  I reviewed my insurance plan and was delight to see that these services would be covered.  I did some research and read reviews and eventually set up an appointment with Elise Chassen Sopov.  My first meeting would turn into nearly 2 years of services.  Elise was able to immediately diagnose my issues and pointed them out to me.  At one of our first meetings she reviewed my cholesterol panel and rendered solid counseling about how we were going to proceed and fix the issues.  Her weekly counseling and expertise inspired me to stay the course.   I listened to everything she offered and what I admired so much about her was her honesty and integrity.  She basically said if you are serious about your health journey and listen to my advice you will see results.  She was right, the weight came off slowly but steadily.  At one point we went to monthly meetings but Elise never loses touch with her clients.  She would email recipes and offer an encouraging email.  In the end I lost 40 lbs. and have received high praise from my doctor who lowered my cholesterol medication.  A health journey is not easy but can be achieved especially if you have a champion like Elise in your corner.  Thanks to her and her expertise she has taught me how to eat.  That sounds funny but it's so true.  By simply listening to her and being taught all about food selection, she has changed my life!  Even if I fall off the wagon as we all do sometimes, I go right back to what I was taught and move forward.  I am so grateful to her and would never want to be on my health journey without her.  If you are considering a long lasting sustainable health journey please set up a session with Elise, you will not be sorry."                                                                                     -  Cynthia K.

Elise always made me feel comfortable, supported and encouraged

I came to Elise after my second hospital stay for various stomach issues.  I needed to understand what was creating these problems and how to resolve them.  Elise immediately put me on a plan, eliminating certain ingredients and adding others into my daily diet.

It wasn't always easy for me to change my old ways of eating, but Elise always made me feel comfortable, supported me and encouraged me to stay with the plan.

I am happy to say that I no longer suffer from the stomach issues I previously had for over 20 years.  And through Elise's counseling and plan, have been able to eliminate the medications I have been taking for years as well!                                                                                                   - Desmond G.

Makes everything so easy!

I was blessed to find such a wonderful dietitian like Elise at a time when I felt so hopeless. She has been so patient with me during my eating disorder recovery. Elise is understanding, easy to talk to, motivating, and makes everything so easy!                                                 -  Simona C.

Elise is like having a Guardian Angel

“Elise is like having a Guardian Angel to help you get on track to better health. Through changes in my diet and exercise that Elise helped me to establish, I have been able to lose weight, improve my health and change my overall well-being. When you add that to her caring and warm personality, you have got the best support that you could ever want. I highly recommend her!!!”
– Doreen R.


“Elise is amazing. She works with your life to make realistic goals and food options.”
– Staci K.

Always available

“Elise is always available when I have questions. She has superior knowledge on the subject and is always willing to offer suggestions.”
– Jessica R.

Highly recommend

“Elise is very knowledgeable, personable, and approachable. She’s very realistic with goals, and listens to me with concerns and providing answers. I would highly recommend her!”
– Karla K.

Elise provides guidance that is personalized

“Elise provides guidance that is personalized to me and nutritional goals I have set. When I veer off track she is non-judgmental but firmly, and with humor, heads me back in the right direction.”
– Edith D.

Elise has helped me achieve my weight loss goals

Elise is the absolute best! She has helped me achieve my weight loss goals and keep the weight off for many years. Meeting with Elise is like talking with a very knowledgeable, helpful and sympathetic old friend. I will always be grateful for the impact she has had on my life!        – Amy L.

Elise helped me transform my body and my approach to eating

Working with Elise helped me transform my body and my approach to eating. She was both a partner and a guide as I learned about how to make the right choices and introduced me to the mantra “how hungry am I?” which is still an integral part of my weight loss maintenance — 75 pounds off for almost four years. If you are looking for a knowledgeable professional who is experienced, kind and dedicated to her clients Elise is the person for you.                              - Ilene A.

With Elise's guidance, I've lost over 100lbs

After a lifelong existence of making unhealthy choices and excuses, I found myself, at the age of 42, with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides and weighing 285 lbs. At first, I tried to deal with those issues through medication. Unable to cope with its side effects and not experiencing the results I was hoping for, I finally sought a different path.
I had the good fortune of meeting Elise for the first time in March of 2009. After a complete assessment that included current diet, exercise or lack of, sleep patterns, personal and family health history, Elise was able to devise a plan to put me on a lifelong path of eating healthy and exercise regularly. Each subsequent visit provided an opportunity to tweak the plan based on my feedback.
Using her guidance, I've lost and kept off over 100lbs, work out 6 days/week and have done so for the past five years. I have no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't have been able to achieve those results if it weren't Elise.
Elise personifies many qualities that makes her an outstanding professional: her attentiveness to the client's needs, her non-judgmental stance when goals are not met, her ability to relate to clients on a personal level, her willingness to change plans based on client's feedback, her availability to quickly answer an e-mail or phone call and even the ease in making and changing appointments.
For all those reasons, I would not hesitate to recommend Elise's professional services to anybody that needs them, and have done so.
– Fernando B.