Adult and Pediatric Weight Management


One-on-one Counseling

These sessions are highly individualized based on personal lifestyle, medical history, fitness habits, and food preferences. Behavior modification techniques are emphasized in order to ensure lifelong success in meeting personal goals and overcoming personal barriers. Standardized diets or menus are never part of the program.


Initial Consultation

This session involves a comprehensive assessment of your diet, lifestyle, & exercise habits in order to design a personalized nutrition plan just for you. Realistic and manageable long term and short term goals will be set.


Follow-up Consultation

These sessions provide ongoing support. Weekly smaller goals will be set in order to help you reach your ultimate goal. You will continue to build on your previous achievements, and behavior modification techniques will be discussed based on any problems you have encountered. These sessions are critical for goal achievement and ongoing success.


Small Group Counseling

If a group dynamic is what keeps you motivated, then small group counseling may be for you. Feel free to invite one or more friends with similar goals to join you. Following one individualized session in which each of you will receive a comprehensive assessment, Elise will work with you in a small group setting for ongoing support, learning, and motivation.